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Whether you're a homeowner looking to maintain and protect your investment or a business wanting regular maintenance to maximize productivity, we've got you covered.  Not only will we return your solar panels to 100% production but we also clean awnings, solar shades, driveways, houses, almost anything that needs cleaning.  Let us know what you have and we'll see about getting it cleaned up for you.   



Our Process

Solar Panel Cleaning in Pima County, AZ

A simple solution to a simple problem

Research has shown that when solar panels are dirty, they hold more heat and let in less light which means they don't produce as much electricity as when they are clean.  For every degree over 107* (and they get much hotter than that) you lose 1.1% production.....cleaner is cooler. 

The goal when cleaning solar panels is the same as when cleaning windows; don’t leave any water spots, streaks or chemical residue behind. At Pure Clean Solar, we achieve this by using deionized water.  

Deionizing  the water creates two desirable results. First, it removes all of the minerals, salts, metals, etc. that exist in ordinary tap water and become visible in the form of water spots when the water evaporates. 

Second, deionized water molecules actually attach themselves to the mineral particles on a dirty surface, acting like tiny magnets for dirt.  Simply put, pure water is an incredibly effective cleaning agent that eliminates the need for chemicals of any kind.

During a Pure Clean Solar cleaning, we pump pure deionized water up through a carbon fiber, telescopic pole to a soft bristle brush.  The brush and the water are the only things that touch the panels.   The dirt and grime on the panels is loosened by the brush, “grabbed” by the deionized water molecules and rinsed away.  When the pure water evaporates, nothing is left but spotless, gleaming, efficient solar panels


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