It's Simple

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

100% Pure Water

No Chemicals

No Residue

No Water Spots

At Pure Clean Solar, we provide a valuable and simple service - we clean your solar panels with deionized water, leaving no streaks, residue or water spots. 

No chemicals, no residue just pure, clean solar panels.  

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Regularly cleaning your solar panels is not only a sensible way to protect your investment, it makes good economic sense.  Experts agree that dirty solar panels don't produce as much power as clean panels.  Rain rinses some of the dust off but doesn't clean them anymore than it washes your car.  When we clean them the "no chemical" way they work better and look great!                                                        

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Pure Clean Solar



Whether it's a one time job or regularly scheduled cleaning, cleaning your solar panels helps improve performance and protect your investment.


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